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Orcas Greatest Hits

Over the past ten years, many cassettes and CDs have been made of musicians using the magic of a recording studio to dub whale songs into their compositions. IC may be the only group who regularly records music with whales in real time out on the ocean. We have done this with various whale and dolphin species. To attain our objective, we have a built a portable underwater sound system which effectively turns any boat with a twelve volt system into a marine recording studio. Our intent is straightforward, although its also quite ambitious: to seek out the whales where they live and invite them to join an interspecies band. Let it be known, however, that we never chase the whales--we always let them swim to us.

Towards this objective, IC is best known for its twelve year long project of making interactive music with wild orcas off western Canada. Over that time we invited musicians of every inclination, many children, and even gave Tibetan Lamas an opportunity to transmit Buddhist prayers to the whales. We have a cassette of this music, called Orcas Greatest Hits .

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Rauno Lauhakangas