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The aquatic prenatal preparation

Pregnancy is a privileged period in the life of the couple. During the aquatic prenatal classes, we pay particularly attention to the relaxation of the couple, in warm water (32-35 celcius), in order to strengthen the relationship between mother-father child. The strong symbolic of the water will offer them the possibility to relive their own foetal life and to experience a more conscious pregnancy. The lightness brought by the warm water reduces the postural tonus, gives a complete muscular relaxation, and calms the mind.

The physical contact with the partner brings a more easy relaxation; the immediate fact is communication between woman, man and their baby. To obtain this harmony of the couple is the first important work in the aquatic prenatal preparation. (To feel at ease.)

This all shows us dearly the importance of the partner’s participation to the aquatic prenatal preparation. The partner should be very attentive to his wife and should avoid any kind of dominate attitude. The importance of the relaxation during the delivery is clear, self-evident. We may never forget that tensions and stress increase the pain and have a negative influence on the duration of the labour.

Interiorisation allows the woman to observe her own physical and psychological resistance. Relaxing in warm water will help help to eliminate those tensions. This way she will be also able to make economy of her energy during the delivery. To master the breathing is the key of physical and mental control. This is true not only during the delivery but also during the pregnancy and even in any other situation. Knowing eliminates the fear. The "rebirthing" exercises give the couple the possibility to eliminate their latent unconscient fears. The woman's and her partner's positive attitude is of capital importance, during pregnancy and delivery.

The three fundamental aspects of the aquatic prenatal preparation are: mastering yourself and your breathing, and thinking positively. The exercises attenuating the problems due to postural modifications as well as those provide fitness, are also very important. The prenatal preparation in warm water allows the future mother to practise exercises till the end of her pregnancy.

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Rauno Lauhakangas