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The future life of the baby will be influenced by the conception, the foetal life, the birth, and the possibilities for the child to develop himself during the first years of his life.

We wish to offer the child the best chances to develop his personality. The aquatic prenatal preparation, the waterbirth, and bringing the newborn in contact with the water will bring more affectivity, security and harmony. The psychophysical harmony during pregnancy will find its natural continuation in bringing the child back in water after its birth.

The touch between parents and baby in warm water will offer possibilities to develop new emotions as well as the discovery of moving in tridimensional environment, and this in full security.

The parents should not feel any fear for water. They should also be "listening" to their child and avoid to project their own desires such as "he, she, should swim after x lessons" and so on...

Water must always be experienced on a gentle way; one should never try to get any "result" but respect the freedom of the child.

Meeting other babies and adults in water, will allow him to develop his sociability.

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Rauno Lauhakangas