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Whale Bibliography

Back to the Sea, (whale fossils) C. Zimmer. il Discover v16 p82-4 Jan. 95

Save the whalers, D. A. Price. The American Spectator v28 p48-9 F 95

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The mystery of the friendly whales, (California gray whales in Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico) P. Mcdonald. il Reader's Digest v147 p49-54 Ag 95

Samana Bay humpbacks, A. Swafford. il Sea Frontiers v41 p50-3 Summ 95

Seeking a whale's motives, (sperm whale research L. Steiner) D. Matthews. il por Sea Frontiers v41 p44-48 Summ 95

Whale warehouse, (Marine Mammal Laboratory of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) K. Svitil. il Discover v16 p42-7 Ag 95

Save the Whalers, by D. A. Price. The American Spectator v28 p48-49 Feb. 95

Scientists Rescue Whale named Inky, National Aquarium by C.D. Hughes. National Geographic World v234 p24-25 Feb. 95

Back to the sea, (Prozeuglodon, Ambulocetus and Rodhocetus). DISCOVER 16(1) Ja 95 p82-84

Rough waters: pushed to the brink of extinction by whalers, the bowhead whale appears to be making a comeback in the western Arctic . NATURE CANADA 24(1) Wint 95 p50

Whale boom, (California gray whale) . DISCOVER 16(1) JA 95 P61

Controversial cleanup: waste of resources or worthwhile project, (Pollution hot spots of the St Lawrence) . Calgary Herald Ja 15, 95 pA8

Beluga population now stable: report, (Maurice Lamontagne Institute) Clips Montreal Gazette Ja 31, 95 pA6

St Lawrence belugas holding own Clips Vancouver, Sun, Ja 31, 95 pA4

Les Defenses du beluga: on ne connaissalt rien du systeme immunitaire des belugas. Un etudiant au doctorat vient de lever le voile sur les mecanismes de base (Sylvain de Guise) . QUEBEC SCIENCE 33(5) F 95 p32

Knee deep in blubber, (Scientist dissects whales). OWL 20(2) F 95 p10-11

Orcas & boats in the bight: growing pressure from visitors and boaters is prompting changes in Robson Bight's famed killer whale reserve . PACIFIC YACHTING 37(2) F 95 p89-92+

Scientists rescue whale Inky, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD (234) F 95 P24-25

Whale of a mystery, (Whale research) . OWL 20(2) F 95 p12-15

Whales, (Poster) . OWL 20(2) F 95 p16-17

Free(r) Willy!, Keiko, the orca, gets his own chance to be free . Clips Vancouver Sun, F 8, 95 pC4,C6

"Willy" heading north to eventual freedom, Montreal Gazette F 11, 95 p18

Beluga whales faring better than decade ago, DAILY COMMERCIAL NEWS 68(35) F 20, 95 pA14

Echouages de baleines a bec, FRANCVERT (Quebec magazine in French) 12(1) F/Mr 95 p8

Orca's baby seen kicking through her side, (Vancouver Aquarium) Vancouver Sun, Mr 2, 95 pB2

Rotrand leads renewed drive to keep belugas out of Biodome, Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 6, 95 pA3

Proposed salt mine expansion threatens whale habitat, (Mexico) Vancouver Sun, Mr 8, 95 pA11

Whale jail: keeping belugas in a tank seems motivated by greed - Curran Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 8, 95 pA3

Death of calf sparks call to free all captive whales, (Vancouver Aquarium) . Vancouver Sun, Mr 9, 95 pA1

Killer whale calf loses fight for life, (Vancouver Aquarium) . Clips Halifax Chronicle Herald, Mr 9, 95 pC10

Onlookers weep as baby whale dies, (Vancouver Aquarium) . Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 9, 95 pA12

Killer whale's lingering grief declared natural, (Vancouver Aquarium) Clips Vancouver Sun, Mr 10, 95 pB3

Freedom's just another word where our terrific whale is concerned, - Read Clips Vancouver Sun, Mr 11, 95 pB4

The price of salt: environmentalists fear Baja mining project will threaten gray whales . Montreal Gazette Mr 12, 95 pB4

Body of killer whale calf removed from aquarium: provincial autopsy ordered (Vancouver Aquarium) Clips Vancouver Sun, Mr 14, 95 pB14

Whale calf "bled to death", (Vancouver Aquarium) Clips Vancouver Sun, Mr 15, 95 pA3

Chemicals' taint found in blubber, (from whales stranded on the coasts of Great Britain and the Netherlands) Vancouver Sun, Mr 21, 95 pA16

A whale of a problem: death of killer-whale calf creates major headache for aquarium - Yaffe . Montreal Gazette Mr 23, 95 pB3

Whale's breeding problem propagates controversy - Yaffe Clips Vancouver Sun, Mr 23, 95 pA17

Gray whales win a round over lucrative salt mine, (Mexico) Montreal Gazette Mr 26, 95 pB5

Biodome ends plan to display belugas, (Biodome Natural Sciences Museum) Globe and Mail Mr 29, 95 pA4

Biodome shelves plan to display belugas, Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 29, 95 pA3

Mystery of strandings: why do whales beach themselves and should we interfere? . Halifax Chronicle Herald, Mr 31, 95 pB1,B2

Calfs death renews calls to free whales, (Whale calf dies in Vancouver Aquarium) - Cernetig Globe and Mail Ap 6, 95 pA8

Mexican inlet at centre of national environmental debate: an important breeding area of the grey whale is the proposed site for a plant producing salt from seawater (San Ignacio Lagoon) Globe and Mail Ap 27, 95 pA22

A whale of a debate: the debate heats up about confining orcas or setting them free. MACLEANS 108(19) My 8, 95 p62-63

Embattled behomoths: pollution and other tough issues have replaced whaling as the main challenge for whale survival . # INTERNATIONAL WILDLIFE 25(3) My/Je 95 p4-13

Some whales improve, but river dolphins face increased risk, INTERNATIONAL WILDLIFE 25(3) My/Je 95 p28

Of whales and ocean warming: a plan to sound out the sea's temperature may be back on course (ATOC, Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate, is a feasibility study to determine if greenhouse gases cause the world's ocean to heat up) . SCIENCE NEWS 147(22) Je 3, 95 p350-351

Smelters suspected in belugas' cancers, Clips Calgary Herald Je 11, 95 pA9

Beluga-whale deaths might be caused by smelters, Clips Montreal Gazette Je 12, 95 pA6

Aquarium to keep killer whales rather than release them, Clips Halifax Chronicle Herald, Je 24, 95 pD26

Whales to stay in Vancouver, Clips Globe and Mail Je 24, 95 pA2

(Basque whaling in Labrador in the 16th century), Prouix, Jean-Pierre Book review Bibl. NEWFOUNDLAND STUDIES 10(2) Fall 94 p260-286

(Japanese whaling), Kalland, Arne & Brian Moeran Book Review PACIFIC AFFAIRS 67(4) Wint 94/95 p610-611

French Basque "New Found Land", entrepreneurs and the import of codfish and whale oil to northern Spain, c 1580 to c 1620: the case of Adam de Chibau, Burgess of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Sieur de St Julien # Bibl. NEWFOUNDLAND STUDIES 10(1) Spr 94 p1-43

Indian band applies for grey whale hunt, (Makah tribe of Washington State) Clips Vancouver Sun, My 23, 95 pA1

Indian whaling ships will be sunk, (Makah tribe from Washington state bid to hunt whales_). # Clips Vancouver Sun, My 24, 95 pA3

BC natives put whale hunt on the table: some west coast bands say they cannot re-establish their culture without whaling: it may only be a bargaining tactic for use in land-claims negotiations, but environmental groups are getting edgy . Globe and Mail Je 19, 95 pA4


Gut reaction, (microbes in whale stomachs break down oil spill contanimants (research by Morrie Craig) by B. Bilger The Sciences v34 p12-13 November/December 94

Kill the whales, (renewed Norwegian whaling for minke whales) by L. Winner. Technology Review v97 p74 November/December 94

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Prince of Whales, (Whales in Art) by Wyland. People Weekly v42 p131, November 21, 94

A blessing to the island, by N. Ward. Natural History v103 p72, November 94 (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Kill the whales? (renewed Norwegian whaling for minke whales ) by L. Winner. Technology Review v97 November/December 94

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The narwhal: unicorn of the sea, Book review . 1994 NATURE CANADA 23 p52

(The whalewatchers' handbook: whales, dolphins and porpoises of America), Bulloch, David K. Book review. Canadian Geographic 114(2) Mr/Ap '94 p10

Walking whale a "missing link", Toronto Star Newspaper. Ja 94

Fossil whale feet: a step in evolution (ancient whale fossil found SCIENCE NEWS 145(3) Ja 15, 94 p36

A free-the-whales debate, (Vancouver) Vancouver Sun Ja 18, 94, p11

Can we free Willy? Ethics aside, freeing whales involves real risks, Vancouver Sun - Bohn . pB4

Wildlife fund presses Ottawa to act on St. Lawrence belugas, Clips Montreal Gazette Ja 25, 94

A home where bowheads roam, (Area near Isabella Bay) . EQUINOX 13 Ja/F 94 p97 Dialogues of the deep, (Sperm whales communicate through an elaborate system) . Globe and Mail F 10, 94 p17

California comeback for blue whales, Canadian Geographic 185(3) Mr 94 p136

Free more than just Willy, Globe and Mail Mr 7,94

Rock star Adams will ask hometown campaign, Clips Vancouver Sun Mr pB5

Protected whale herds wiped out in secret, Soviets, records show . Toronto Sun Mr 19, 94 pB

A whale of a campaign, (by Bryan Adams) Globe and Mail, Mr 19, 94 pC14

Biologist (Richard Sears) wants (US) navy$$ him track whales, Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 22, 94

Ottawa agrees to establish beluga recovery, Clips Montreal Gazette Mr 29, 94 pA7

Ottawa to aid belugas: recovery plan WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Globe and Mail Mr 30, 94

The killer instince: transient killer whales, the ocean's smartest predators Nature Canada 23(2) Spr 94 p42-47

It's a rare day of the Orca for Burrard inlet, Vancouver Sun Ap 8, 94 pA1

Where the whales are, # Halifax Chronical Herald Ap 9, 94 pC6

Killer shots: it isn't easy to get food shots of fleeting killer whales from a rocking boat in the Pacific . PHOTO LIFE 19(3) My 94 p24-27

Walking whale, (Ambulocetus natans) . POPULAR SCIENCE 244(5) My 94 p37

The whale that walked, (Ambulocetus natans) . NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 185(5) My 94 piii

Whale sanctuary proposal appears likely to succeed despite opposition, Vancouver Sun My 5, 94 pA18

Killer whale looks to be in an expectant mood, Vancouver Sun My 6, 94 pA3

Giving birth can be whale of an adventure, (Killer whale birth expected at Vancouver Aquarium) . Clips Vancouver Sun My 7, 94 pA7

Bryan Adams comes to rescue of whales, Montreal Gazette, My 9, 94 pB4, B5

Bryan Adams, nice bloke, saves whales: rocker may be short on charisma but he knows how to promote a cause . Calgary Herald My 10, 94 pA16

Return to the sea, (Whale fossils suggest mammals had evolutionary stage as land animals) . Montreal Gazette My 14, 94 pI8

Extinction "looming" for whales, (Environmental Investigation Agency report) Calgary Herald My 17, 94 pA15

Environmentalist slams dining on whale, (by Japan and Norway) Calgary Herald My 26, 94 pA12

How whales can be saved by DNA tests, Globe and Mail My 26, 94 pA22

Stop eating whales, Japan, Norway, told Vancouver Sun My 26, 94 pA18

Commission creates sanctuary for whales around Anarctica, Montreal Gazette My 27, 94 pA2

Sanctuary established for world's whales: more than 90% protected Vancouver Sun, My 27, 94 pA12

Beluga: white whale of the north . NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 185(6) Je 94 p2-31

Whale of a decision is a fluke, but fleets are harpooned, (Whale sanctuary set up) - Read Clips Vancouver Sun, Je 4, 94 pA20

"A whale of a mystery", little is known about how killer whales reproduce, that may be about to change. Vancouver Sun, Je 11, 94 pB4

Beluga corpses may hold ugly secrets of the river, Montreal Gazette Je 13, 94 pA1, A7

The fate of the belugas a warning, (Editorial) Montreal Gazette Je 15, 94 pB2

Pacific coast grey whales off critical species list, Vancouver Sun, JE 16, 94 pA22

Beleaguered belugas going belly-up, Toronto Star Newspaper Je 18, 94 Pc6

Protesters tried to sink whaling ship, Calgary Herald Ja 25, 94 pA8

Soviets lied about size of whale catch, Russian finds Globe and Mail F 21, 94 pA10

Eco-warrior Watson gambles on sub to sink whaling, Clips Vancouver Sun, Je 20, 94 pA1, A2

People before whales, (says Dominican Prime Minister in face of tourism boycott) SHARE 16(47) Mr 17, 94 p15

Whales may face slaughter again: secret proposal has backing of two environmental groups Calgary Herald Ap 26, 94 pA11

Japan fights whaling ban, FINANCIAL POST 88(22) My 28/30, 94 p11

(In the company of whales: from the diary of a whale watcher), Morton, Alexandra Book review CM (CDN MATERIALS) 22(4) S 94 p128,131

(Whales) Iwago, Mitsuaki Book review SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 271(6) D 94 p117

Good news about some gray whales, SCIENCE NEWS 145(26) Je 25, 94 p410

Thar she blips, ultrasound confirms: technology (and Bjossa) allow earliest glimpse ever of orca fetus (Vancouver Aquarium) . Vancouver Sun, Je 30, 94 pB1

Free Corky! The aquarium industry has a whale of a problem. Solution ahoy? Not in our lifetime WESTERN LIVING 24(6) Summ 94 p34-38

Aquarium's whale expecting (Bjossa), Clips Halifax Chronicle Herald Jl 1'94 pC14

Purer water "on tap" for killer whales (Vancouver Aquarium), Clips Vancouver Sun, Jl 20, 94 pB2

Alarm warns whales of fishermen's nets, Montreal Gazette Jl 23, 94 pH8

Whale of a job for clean water gets go-ahead from park board, (Cleaner water to be pumped into killer-whale pool at Vancouver Aquarium) Vancouver Sun, Jl 27, 94 pB10

The lessons of wild whales: why do some newborn orcas live and others die? . Clips Vancouver Sun, Jl 30, 94 pB2

Coming attraction; tourists and scientsts are flocking to Manitoba"s Churchill River to watch belugas . NATURE CANADA 23(3) Summ 94 p31-35

Right whale return, EQUINOX 13(4) Jl/Ag 94 p87

A whale of a wall: how did life-size whales end up swimming on a wall in downtown Atlanta, Georgia? (Artist seeks to paint 100 murals in 100 cities) . NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD (228) AG 94 P28-31

Wall-to-wall Wyland: artist encourages whale watching with a series of outdoor murals in cities across North America . Clips Vancouver Sun, Ag 8, 94 pC1, C2

Trapped whale near death, researcher says: sickly, one-year-old humpback drifts off Cape Caution, Vancouver Sun, Ag 19, 94 pB1,B2

Natural-born killer a cutie, (Killer whale born in Niagara Falls) Clips Calgary Herald Ag 30, 94 pA7

Orca born at Ontario park appears healthy, Clips Vancouver Sun, Ag 30, 94 pA6

The boaters keep crowding the whales, (Whalewatching in BC) OUTDOOR CANADA 22(7) S 94 p15

Frequencey of killer whale, (Orcinus orca) attacks and ship collisions based on scarring on bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) of the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort seas stock. # Bibl. ARCTIC 47(3) S 94 p247-255

A large aggregation of bowhead whales, (Balaena mysticetus) feeding near Point Barrow, Alaska, in late October 1992 # Bibl. ARCTIC 47(3) S 94 p232-235

Pregnant Bjossa is one moody mammal, (Killer whale) Clips Vancouver Sun, S 10, 94 pB2

Former BC killer whale dies at Florida aquarium, Vancouver Sun, S 15, 94 pB8

Bjossa's calf faces a cruel life in prison, (Vancouver Aquarium) - Read Clips Vancouver Sun, S 17, 94 pA15

Be-bop-beluga: second whale now pregnant, making aquarium look like maternity ward (Aurora, Vancouver Aquarium) . Clips Vancouver Sun, S 29, 94 pB1

Whale watch: from their small boat off Newfounland, they gazed at a spectacle of unforgettable power and grace READERS DIGEST 145(870) O 94 p56-59

Whales could breed to extinction, ALTERNATIVES 20(4) S/O 94 p4

Relocation of lowlands gorilla tops good-aminal-news list, (Gorilla kept in a shopping mall to be released to a zoo and Keiko's future) - Read Clips Vancouver Sun, O 8, 94 pA18

Fearing to blast whales, DAILY COMMERCIAL NEWS 67(191) O 21, 94 pA5

Mystery Russian monster turns out to be battered whale, Vancouver Sun, O 28, 94 pA20

Life among the whales: for 15 years the author has been following pods of wild killer whales as she tries to understand their complex behavior . SMITHSONIAN 25(8) N 94 p46-59

It was a whale of a protest: "Free Corky" day marked (Vancouver Aquarium) . Vancouver Sun, D 12, 94 pA1

Beached whale bloodbath, (NS) . Halifax Chronicle Herald D 13, 94 pA2

Ancient whale bones found 300 kilometres from sea, (Quebec) Vancouver Sun, D 20, 94 pA6

Watson launches mini-sub in war against whaling, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Jl 2, 94 pB2

The last whalers, Montreal Gazette Ag 27, 94 pH8

Meat from endangered whales sold, study claims, (in Japan) Vancouver Sun, S 13, 94 pA15

Meat from protected whales found on sale, (Japan) Montreal Gazette S 17, 94 p18

A blessing on Bowhead muktuk feast - T Fenge, Executive Director, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (Letter) Globe and Mail O 5, 94 pA21

Japanese seek to regain taste for whale meat, Montreal Gazette D 16, 94 pA18

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