Lofoten Whale Festival

Henningsvaer August 1-6 2011

A meeting of humans and whales: science, music, art and tourism

A one week gathering celebrating the culture and nature of our cetacean species in the Lofoten waters: pilot whales, killer whales, different dolphins, harbor porpoises, minke whales, fin-whales and humpback whales. There will be talks, workshops, special whale watching tours with scientists, naturalists, artists and musicians to introduce the wide human ways of relating to thesemysterious and fascinating animals Agroup of internationally known researchers from many different fields will converge upon Henningsvaer in early August to present the facts and mysteries we have discovered about these important ocean creatures. National and International renowned artists will present their work and interact with the whales, people and nature of Lofoten.

The goal will be to raise awareness, educate people about themarine ecosystem and its wonderful creatures, embedded in artistic and fun activities!

Rauno Lauhakangas and David Rothenberg are among the presenters.

Please refer to the full announcement PDF or the Lofoten Whale Festival website for details.

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