(Picture of humpback whale breaching the surface)
What if Whales had Wings?

It's really rather weird how a really weird word can
make a whale tale take flight....
It's even sort of strange how a tragic tale of a whales
tail can make even a worn walrus wail...
But most suprising of all is this tale I will tell
the tale of the great winged whale.

Now gather your freshly feathered fins, my friends,
Don't let me fly on by.
This tale I will tell is a whale of tale.
Really! It is a Great whale tale!
But, this tale is not at all a tale of a whales tail.

Take wing with me to see, you see,
a high-way, way high in the sky...
To see the sea from an all new view.
To see a sea brand new to you.
Take flight on the great wings of a whale.

Dreams of thunderous wings and unearthly flights.
Treading on tail winds, tip-toeing on tides.
Do you hear the winged tales of fancies of flight?
See whales on wings searching surfs from above.
See seashells on sea shores glimmering in the night.
Do you see the sea? Can a winged whale be?.

Scores of wondering... wandering...
wistfully wishing water bound whales,
floating along seemingly seamless beaches.
Swimming through salads of seaweed as shimmering
star light shines sharp shards of
silent glimmers on the tails of these wingless whales

Trashing their tails, trying to rise high,
The turbulence is stronger than the
wanting whales cry!
Wishing and wailing are the whales without wings.
Could they...? Would they... Foresee any flight?
Is their future a free world?
Will they rise above the sea on this watery night?

Each whale might feel feathers.
Each whale might grow wings.
Each whale might rise up on the waves
to try to take flight,
emerging from the deep...
reaching for dreams within sight.

From the waves of the ocean to the tides in the sky,
Up to the jet stream - finally flying high!
There is another whale who has wings and a dream.

Do you see the sea weed singing
as the wings bend the wind?
"Where do you come from, Oh whale with new wings?
And, Oh whale on the air-stream,
Where have you been?"

"Well.. under, from Down under"
A whisper portrays,
"From underneath, from the silence,
from under the waves."

Now, Underwear is the question - to that I agree,
but this whale of a winged whale tale
confuses even me!
For the laws of the ocean
to the rights of the sky
are changed by the heavens,
even higher in the sky.

As the tail of this whale tale begins to approach
thunderous wings move us where with each stroke?
If whales could have wings isn't for us to know,
But if whales could have wings
Where would they go?

High in the sky, whales winging it up.
"To a whale of a party," winged whale tells.
"To a whale of a wing ding.
A swell whale type of thing."
Dancing to the tuneless tides in the sky,
the whales on the wings,
wailing a melody till the end of the nigh.

The porpoise of this whale tale
is beginning to clear.
It's not of swordfish or tortoises
that brings us here.
On the motions of oceans... On the turbulent tides
On the currents and jet streams
this great tale now rides.

To vision the seas full of feathers disguised,
To look... To wonder
where winged whales might hide.
Only to dream of a scene -
And the scheme of the scene is...
The Wing.

I now must confess, this quest is a jest
for those mystical wings.
But as shorefulls of dorsal cut the surface knife like
The wings beat us riddles as along side we ride...
For the beating of the wings
speaks of the things we need most...
Secrets released...
Traveling the coast.

Do you see where I'm coming from?
Do you see where I'm at?
Or do you still wonder of whales tails and where I've been last?

What if Whales had wings?

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