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The Whale Rider     
Tekijä:   Ihimaera, Witi 
Suomentaja:   Hangasmäki, Mervi 
ISBN:   952-471-218-0 
Sidosasu:   sid. 160 s. 
ilm:   08/2003 
Saatavuus:   Ei ilmestynyt 
Hinta:   24.00 e 



Whales and Dolphins of La Gomera (Canary Islands) Multimedia Whale Watching CD-ROM (PC/WIN). Trilingual English/Spanish/German. "La Vida en el Mar", produced by behavioural biologist Fabian Ritter, takes you to the Atlantic Ocean off the Canary Island La Gomera. These fantastic pictures of many different, partly rare whale and dolphin species, tortoises, seabirds and many others show you the richness and the splendour of the sea. The pictures are combined with music, nature sounds and original sounds of the marine mammals, and they are performed with special fading effects, thus making this slide show a moving and yet relaxing experience.

40 minutes Diavision... and an additional interactive menue (alternatively in English, German and Spanish) informs you about whale watching, and the work of the NGO M.E.E.R. to protect the whales and dolphins off La Gomera.

DM 34,80 (19,95 EURO). Available from meer@infocanarias.com

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