RUDOLF TOBIAS, (1873-1918)


Oratorio in five scenes to the text of the Bible, five soloists, two mixed choirs, children's choir, orchestra and organ

It scourges a superficial attitude to religious truths

A premilinary note

The prophet Jonah had to undergo a severe school (scene 2) before he could give himself up to be the tool of God, not wholly cleansed of his fanatical zeal (Jon. 4:1). In contrast to the embodiment of sin in the form of the blasphemous Nineveh (scene 4) the curse of sin arises (not in the original text) expressed by a handful of the righteous (Gen. 18:24), the faithful (1 Ki. 19:18) and the martyrs (Rev. 6:9) who make up the Ecclesia (scene 3). Nineveh is spared (Jon. 4:1). And it is the children who unawaringly contribute to it. The inescapable reconciliation of God's holiness and justice is taken over by the Son of man whose blood speaketh better and stronger than that of Abel. (Heb. 12:24)

Introduction to Jonah's Mission

First PartPrologue

Scene I Jonah's Mission

Scene II The Night of Being Forsaken by God

Second Part/Scene III Ecclesia

Scene IVJudgement

Scene VThe Sign of The Son of Man

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