A poem by Bern J. Qualheim

         Whale's Lament

                 Oh!  great Leviathan friend
                                    master of the sea.
                 Can you be so near your end
                                    to never again be free?
                 Do you see the horror known as man
                                    the killers of your young?
                 Can you understand their master plan
                                    to leave your song unsung?

                 Does the mournful song you sing?
                                    tell of sorrow and of pain
                 Do you wonder why man will bring
                                    the end of your long reign?

                 Do you yearn for better days
                                    where you can live in peace?
                 And communicate your gentle ways
                                    and make the killing cease.

                 Oh! gentle giant speak to man
                                    let him hear your plea
                 Logic and reason must save your clan
                                    and let you forever be

Copyright (c) 1995 Bern J. Qualheim

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