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Updated last on: 5/10/99

From the Interspecies Newsletter

This may be the largest collection of book reviews on the Internet focusing on animals, and more specifically, human/animal relations. Reviews run the gamut, including biology texts, mystical speculation, environmental rants, novels, magazines, TV shows, Disney cartoons. Some items, you won't find reviewed anywhere else.

  • The items reviewed are not in order. Hopefully, this encourages browsing.

  • All the reviews first appeared in the Interspecies Newsletter between 1985 and this year. Click on it for more info on the organization that publishes it.

  • We have adopted the format used by the Whole Earth Catalog; offering a short summary, followed by quotes taken from the book.

  • Our reviews emphasize books that might help our own species acquire environmental and cultural sanity in these crazy times.

  • Because books are mostly timeless, the reviewers paid little attention to whether something was old or new, in or out of print.

  • The reviews are on three pages to keep load time to a minimum. You should be able to start reading before the full page is loaded. Or conduct a search on a key word.

  • Yes, we are opinionated about the literary merits of these books. However, we appreciate any author willing to confront solutions to the issues of the day.

Page One

    1. Finding Home: Essays from Orion Magazine, Edited by Peter Sauer
      (Beacon Press, 1992)

    2. Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders, by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden
      (Beyond Words Publishing, 1990)

    3. Full Circle: Song of Ecology and Earthen Spirituality, by Lone Wolf Circles, (Lleweleyn Publications, 1991)

    4. Reality Isn't What it Used to Be, by Walter Truett Anderson, (Harper and Rowe, 1990)

    5. Bird Flight: An Illustrated Study of Aerial Mastery, by Robert Burton (facts on File)

    6. The Restless Kingdom: An exploration of Animal Movement, by John Cooke, (Facts on File)

    7. A Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures, Richard Huber, (Dover Publications)

    8. Parallel Botany, Leo Lionni, (Alfred A. Knopf, 1977)

    9. Raven in Winter, Bernd Heinrich, (Summit Books)

    10. Sacred Places: How the Living Earth Seeks our Friendship, by James A. Swan, (Bear and Company of Santa Fe.)

    11. The Souls of Animals, by Gary Kowalski, published by Stillpoint, Walpole NH.

    12. Behind the Dolphin's Smiles, Rick O'Barry, (Algonquin Books, 1988)

    13. Whale Tales, Collected by Peter Fromm, (Whale Tales Press,, Friday harbor WA, 1996)

    14. Animal Immortality, by Bill D Schul, (Carroll and Graf Publishers, 1990)

    15. Thinking in Pictures, by Temple Grandin, (Doubleday, 1995)

    16. Dancing with Whales, Peter Beamish, (Creative Publishers, St John's Newfoundland, 1993)

    17. Listening to the Land, Edited by Derrick Jensen, (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco; 1995)

    18. The Language of Animals, Stephen Hart, (Henry Holt Company, New York, 1996)

    19. Song for the Blue Ocean, by Carl Safina, (Henry Holt Com, 1998)

Page Two

    1. Gone Whaling, Douglas Hand, (Simon Schuster, NYNY, 1994)

    2. The Human nature of Birds, By Theodore Xenophon Barber, (A Penguin Paperback NYNY, 1994)

    3. The Lion King, A video from Walt Disney Pictures

    4. The Way: An Ecological Worldview by Edward Goldsmith, (Shambhala Publications, 1993)

    5. Beyond the Hundredth Meridian,by Wallace Stegner, (a penguin paperback, 1992 )

    6. A History of Whaling, by Ivan T. Sanderson (Barnes and Noble Books, 1993)

    7. Sierra: the magazine of the Sierra Club (730 Polk St, San Francisco CA 94109)

    8. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    9. The White Dawn: An Eskimo Saga; By James Houston, (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich; 1971)

    10. Not Dissecting Frogs: A publication of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, (1363 Lincoln Ave; San Rafael, Ca, 94901; tel: (415)459-0885)

    11. Winter Gardening: by Binda Colebrook; (Maritime Publications; Everson Washington; 1984)

    12. Meditations with Animals: A Native American Bestiary, by Gerald Hausman; (Bear and Company; Santa Fe; 1986)

    13. Time Before Morning: Art and Myth of the Australian Aborigines, by Louis A. Allen (Thomas Crowell Co., 1975)

    14. Orion Magazine: People and Nature, (Published by the Myrin Institute, 136 E 64th St, New York, NY, 10021)

    15. Earthmind, by Paul Devereux, John Steele, and David Kubrin; (Harper and Row, 1989)

    16. The Fruitful Darkness: Reconnecting with the Body of the Earth, by Joan Halifax; (Harper Collins; 1993)

    17. Playing By Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging, By O. Fred Donaldson; (Health Communications Inc.; 1993)

Page Three

    1. My Year of Meats, Ruth L. Ozeki, (Viking, 1998)

    2. Whale Nation, by Heathcote Williams, (Jonathan Cape Publishers, London, 1988)

    3. The Book of Whales, by Richard Ellis, (Alfred Knopf Publishers, New York, 1980)

    4. Signal. edited by Kevin Kelly, (Harmony Books, New York, 1988)

    5. The Archaic Revival, Terence McKenna, (Harper Collins, 1991)

    6. Ghost Bears, R. Edward Crumbine, (Island Press, 1992)

    7. The Great American Wolf, Bruce Hampton, (Henry Holt Co. NYNY, 1997)

    8. The Scientist: A Metaphysical Biography by John Lilly, (Ronin Publishing, Berkeley, CA, 1988)

    9. Recordings of Whale Vocals, (Cornell University Ornithology Lab Bioacoustics Research Program, 1996)

    10. This Place on Earth, Alan Thein Durning, (Sasquatch Books, 1996)

    11. The Last Kings of Thule, by Jean Malaurie; (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1985)

    12. Green Business: Hope or Hoax, Edited by Christopher and Judith Plant. (New Society Publishers)

    13. Sea of Slaughter, farley Mowat, (Bantam Books, 1986)

    14. Beyond Geography, Frederick Turner, (Rutgers University Press, 1986)

    15. America as Seen by the First Explorers, John Bakeless, (Dover Books, 1961)

    16. Nature's Life Lessons, Jim Carrier and Marc Bekoff, (Fulcrum Publishing Golden CO, 1996)

    17. Escape from Affluenza, A PBS TV Special

    18. Least Loved Beasts, edited by Terril Shorb and Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb (Native West press, 1997)

    19. The Book of Waves: Form and Beauty in the Ocean; text by Drew Kampion; (Roberts Rinehart Publishers; 1997)

    20. Museletter: A monthly newsletter of cultural renewal; published by Richard Heinberg; (1433 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95401; $15 per year)

    21. Secrets of the Ocean Realm, Michele and Howard Hall, (Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro OR)

    22. The Last Lords of Palenque, Victor Perera and Robert D Bruce, (University of California Press, 1982)

    23. The Mantis Carol, Laurens Van der Post; (Island Press, Covelo CA; 1975)

    24. Among Whales, Roger Payne, (MacMillan, NYNY, 1995)

    25. Wildwoods Wisdom, Doug Elliot, (Paragon House; NYNY; 1992)

    26. Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness; by Doug Peacock, (Henry Holt)

    27. Who Will remember the People, a novel by Jean Raspail, (Mercury House)

    28. The Psychology and Behavior of Animals in Zoos and Circuses, by H. Hediger, (A Dover Edition)