The Interspecies Newsletter, now in its 22nd year of publication, is the quarterly publication of Interspecies Communication Inc.

The newsletter's influence is greater than subscriptions might indicate. Essays that first appeared here have later been published in the USA, Europe, and Japan by Omni, Orion, Utne Reader, The Sun, NewAge, E, Outside, BePal, Spuren, and Actuel.  Essays have also turned up in one or another of Jim Nollman's books.

Essays have been excerpted in book anthologies, including:

  • The Soul Unearthed, edited by Cass Adams, (Tarcher) 1996

  • Love and Romance, edited by Judith Wylie, (Traveler's Tales), 1998

  • Least Loved Beasts, edited by Terril and Yvette Shorb (Native West), 1997

  • Finding Home, edited by Peter Sauer, (Beacon Press) 1992

  • Kinship with the Animals, Edited by Michael Tobias and Kate Solisti, (Beyond Words) 1998

We welcome you to browse our newsletter library. For those who would like a suggestion for a starting point, we recommend an article from the Winter 1995 newsletter, entitled, "Who Communicates", which gives a basic account of what various species are known to communicate to one another as well as to human beings. A condensed version of the article later turned up as the cover story in the April 1998 Utne Reader. The article then got expanded as a chapter in Jim's most recent book, The Charged Border: Where Whales and Humans Meet.

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