IC Membership and Products

  • Interspecies Communication is a membership organization and a 501(c)(3) US non-profit. All contributions are tax deductible.

  • Minimum U.S. membership is $25 per year. Sorry, but we can not accept credit card payment. Foreign members, including Canadians, please pay $40 minimum in US funds, preferably a cashiers check drawn on a bank with a US office.

  • Membership dues cover office expenses, including the editing and printing of our quarterly newsletter. Dues are not used for salaries or field projects which are supported by private foundations. Occasionally, we offer workshops and whale trips to our members.

  • To support our work and receive our newsletter, send your payment to:

Interspecies Communication Inc.
273 Hidden Meadow Lane
Friday harbor WA 98250 USA

Here's a list of products we sell. The price includes postage, although outside the USA add $3 extra to the total.


  • The Charged Border: Where Whales and Humans Meet, Jim Nollman, (Henry Holt, 1999, hard cover, $25). Excerpt

  • Why We Garden : Cultivating a Sense of Place, Jim Nollman, (Henry Holt 1994, hard cover, $20). Excerpt.

  • Dolphin Dreamtime: The art and science of Interspecies Communication, Jim Nollman (Bantam 1986, paper, $10)


  • Orcas Greatest Hits: Music between human musicians and wild orcas. $14. (Cassette, Interspecies, 1989) More Detail

  • What the Dolphin Said: Songs about life. (CD, Beluga Music, 1998, $16)


  • Black and white pen drawings reprinted from original cover art of past Interspecies Newsletters. $10 for 8 .

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