Goodsearch is a Yahoo! powered search engine provided by a company, that donates 50% of their revenue to non-profit organizations. The relevant feature is you can select an organization yourself and even add new ones, if you wish.

After clicking on a link below, all searches you make through Goodsearch will gather funds for the organization you chose. To view information about the organization and how much they have raised funds, go to the front page and click the "Amount raised" -button. If you can't decide on which one to support, choose an organization with a low amount of earnings. The easiest way to search is to add Goodsearch to your browser's search box and make it the default search engine. Instructions are on the site.

The non-profit is remembered by your browser with cookies, so if something seems messed up, just clear your cookies for

You might also be interested in visiting popular online stores through their site.

So even if you find you don't like their search engine, you can do purchases you would do anyway through Goodshop.

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