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Dolphins' Body Language

Dolphin Body Language: Blow Blow: The sudden expulsion of air from the blowhole (the dolphins' nose), producing a mist of water droplets often quite visible.

Dolphin Body Language: Tailslap Tailslap: Abrupt strike of flukes on the water surface (here performed belly-up); sometimes expressing irritation.

Dolphin Body Language:Breach Breach: A powerful leap followed by a side-flop, as a demonstration of physical strengh or for longdistance communication.

Dolphin Body Language: Leap Leap: As a display of exuberance, to breath rapidly before or after a deep dive, or during a speedy swim.

Dolphin Body Language: Travelling Travelling: When not in search of food, the dolphins travel of a speed of about 6.5 km per hour, without long dives.

Dolphin Body Language:Socializing Socializing: Much physical contact among the animals, to reinforce social bonds or the group hierarchy, or as a part of courtship.

Dolphin Body Language: Rest Rest: Resting dolphins swim slowly close to the surface in compact groups. It is better not to disturb them.

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