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You can actively learn about the life of marine inhabitants and contribute to the protection of marine environment

What do you really know about the inhabitants of seas, the largest biosphere of this planet?

There is a unique possibility at the west coast of the Canary Island Tenerife to observe whales, especially pilot whales, and dolphins all the year round near the coast. This has led to an unjustifiable expansion of the so called Whale Watching (paid boat trips to the whales) which endangers the marine environment. Effective guidelines for skippers and necessary information for the participants are missing.

The aim of Projekt CONTEXT, an interdisciplinary research project, is the setting up of a research and educational institute at the west coast of Tenerife. Excursions and information events are supposed to take place on a 10 m long solar operated research boat. The newest scientific results will be conveyed vividly and rirectly to the participants. Tourists, scientific, trainees and educational institutions of the Canary Islands are to be approached to take part in the excursions. The findings will then, directly flow into ecological management measures of the local authorities. Scientific research will be mainly financed by members of the excursions. The one who uses, must also protect! Thus lasting development and realization of protection regulations are made possible.

Present whale and dolphin studies at the west coast of Tenerife, mainly conducted by local teams, provide information about the species' variety, distribution and strandings. A British survey offered an insight into the pilot whales' behavior and social structure. 1994 and 1996. Projekt CONTEXT realized two ethological field studies, for the first time describing contextually and in detail the acoustic behavior of pilot whales along with negative impacts caused by Whale Watching. The Ministry of Ecology of the Canary Islands, University of Bremen, Humboldt-University of Berlin and commercial sponsors were involved in the studies. The results will be published in January 1998 at the "World Marine Mammal Science Conference" in Monaco. They will be also provided to the Ministry of Ecology of the Canary Islands. Especially this relationship should be maintained and consolidate the cooperation with local teams.

Your financial support or technical supply together with Projekt CONTEXT will facilitate an adequate contact between man and whale. Thus, not only a possibility of an unforgettable experience is preserved, but also pioneering work for future oriented environmental ducation is done.

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Rauno Lauhakangas