Scientific - English - Turkish Cetacean Dictionary

Scientific English Turkish
Cetacea Whales, orcas, dolphins and porpoises Balinagiller ve yunusgiller
Mysticeti Baleen whales Firca Disli Balinalar
Odontoceti Tooted whales Yunusgiller (=Disli Balinalar)
Physeteridae Sperm whales Kasalotlar
Ziphiidae Beaked whales Gagali Balinalar
Monodontidae White whales Beyaz Balinalar
Phocoenidae Porpoises Domuz Baliklari
Delphinidae Dolphins Yunuslar
Delphinus delphis Common dolphin Tirtak* (=Adi Yunus)
Phocoena phocoena Harbor porpoise Mutur* (=Domuz Baligi )
Tursiops truncatus Bottlenose dolphin Afalina* (=Sise Burun Yunus)
Dolphin Yunus

These names are regional. In Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Georgian and Ukrainian languages are similar. Other Turkish names are equivalent of European languages, only using in science.

Thanks to Yakup Erdem

In Turkish Yunus is equivalent with Jonah as a male name. Obs. A dolphin in Turkish is Yunus! (Editor).

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