Matti - Earth Heat Pump heat and satisfaction!

Benefit sunenergy stored in a ground over a winter
The MATTI - earth heat pumps have been meant for the heating of the detached houses. Their new ECO - OPTIMA - adjustment offers even, advantageous and carefree heating into your house. Thanks to markets smallest dimensions location is possible almost everywhere at your home. You can have peaceful life knowing that MATTI - heat pump is environment familiar.

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MATTI - earth heat pump

The necessary heating energy is obtained from it to the heating of the living rooms, help premises, garage and service water. It is the consumption of energy under 1/3 electricity's amount from the one to be needed.

When the heat pump having consumption of electric energy for example:

The perfect installation requires 400 m3 room ready to the house 400 metres of 40 mm diameter plastic tube (sondi) sunk at intervals of 2 metres to a 1 metres depth filled with the mixture, a -20 Co (minus 20 degree Celsius) coolant water. The dimensioning principle to the country pipesystem is a 1 m3 room need pipe 1m when clay is in question. Is it possible install sondi under water in the lake or 150 metres deep drill well.

The earth heat pump is available MATTI - on several different heat powers and on assemblage. For example heat energy 3.5 kW effect needed by the heat pump 1.1 kW electricity.

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MODELS:power supply
MATTI 3.5 kW1.1 kW
MATTI 5.2 kW1.5 kW
MATTI 8.0 kW2.4 kW
MATTI 10.0 kW3.3 kW
MATTI 16.0 kW5.3 kW
MATTI 22.0 kW6.9 kW

Technical data:


- water in outlet 45 Co, max. 55 Co

- water coolant in inlet -2 ... + 5 Co
- 1" diameter pipe in heating system

- 1 1/2 " diameter pipe in heat collection system
Heigth x Deep x Length : 600 x 300 x 500 mm
60 - 90 kg

Production and distribution:
Southern Finland Process System Ltd.
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fax:	+358 17 551 4901