"Hello, World"

The ultimate rock carving ever made by a human being has been figured in a golden plaque attached to Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 1 and is rolling into outer space. It carries a message, which can be seen in many petroglyphs all over the world - Greetings.

Here is an example in Alta Fjord in Norway and in Viena-Carelia. An amazing observation is the similarity between a petroglyph in a rock carving of White Sea’s strand dated 4000 BC and a coded message, which has been broadcasted in Arecibo in 1974. Arecibo’s message can be considered as an immaterial rock carving. Anyway both messages are composed of a spiral which ends into a human. In Viena-Carelia there is also a swan figure beyond a human+dolphin pattern. The swan is a symbol of Death. This symbol is missing Arecibo's message, which tries to explain the DNA-structure (a spiral form) as a basis of an intelligent life on earth.

If we postulate that both figures carry a message, then we can raise two questions! An interesting coincidence is also between Viena-Carelia’s spiral carving and Voyager’s greetings sent in 1977. Both carries a sign of whale. In Viena-Carelia a human riding with a dolphin and in Voyager as a form of sounds of humpback’s whale. Maybe this just reflects human thinking?

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Rauno Lauhakangas