The Whale-Watching Web: Dali and a Whales's Vertebra Eka Lainio 1996
This vertebra of a Unicorn Whale, has been painted by Eka Lainio in Helsinki Zoological Museum

Dali and a Whales's Vertebra

Salvador Dali once met a whaler and asked him to find whale's vertebras. In his book "A Genius Diary" Dali writes: "In one hour I invented 62 different meanings for a whale's vertebra, including one ballet, one movie, one painting, one philosophy, one therapeutic interior decoration, one hallucinogenic and one psychological method, which all are based on a whale's vertebra connected with lunatic dreams..."
(Dali had seen in his childhood a dead carcase of a whale in Puerto de la Llansa.
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Rauno Lauhakangas