UNTIL NOW, only a handful of scientists and explorers have ever circumnavigated Antarctica. We are pleased to announce an historic Antarctic Circumnavigation aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov - THE FIRST EVER VOYAGE FOR ADVENTUROUS TRAVELERS ENTIRELY AROUND THE CONTINENT.
1772-75 On his second epic voyage aboard HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure, Captain James Cook first circumnavigated the globe at the high latitudes, crossing the Antarctic circle for the first time on January 17, 1773. Although Cook discovered South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, he never saw the continent.
1819-21 CaptainThaddeusBellingshausen extended Cook's surveys aboard the Vostok, discovering Peter I Island and Alexander Island on this second voyage around Antarctica. He reported a first sighting of the continent on January 27, 1820.
1830-33 Captain John Biscoe surveyed new Antarctic lands aboard the Tula on the third Antarctic circumnavigation, discovering Enderby and Graham Land. Biscoe returned in 1839, reaching 75'S in the Ross Sea.
1930-39 Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen and Nils Larsen circumnavigated the continent aboard the Norvegia, claiming a large sector of the continent for Norway.
1931-33 Commanded by David John and William Carey, the Discovery II sailed around Antarctica during the winter months, conducting a series of oceanographic transects. Captain Carey was lost at sea on the return voyage.
1933-34 Accompanied by Norwegian whale catchers, the Thorshavn circumnavigated the Antarctic with commanders Lars Christensen and Klarius Mikkelson.
1937-39 Continuing its oceanographic work, the Discovery II circumnavigated the continent for the second time.
1982-83 The Faddey Bellingshousen and Admiral Vladimirskiy circumnavigated the continent, retracing the route of the 1819-20 Russian naval expedition.
1982-83 The USCG Polar Star sailed around the continent on an inspection tour of 14 research stations, perhaps the ninth circumnavigation in 200 years.
1996-97 The first tourist expedition around Antarctica is planned aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov, calling at emperor penguin rookeries, rarely-visited research stations and historic sites all around the continent.

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Rauno Lauhakangas