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Chant of the Beluga Exhibition located at Kvensk institutt Norway

At the "Chant of the Beluga" exhibition, which opens Saturday, 19th May, 2010 at Kvensk institutt Norway until 31st, August, see the world in a most unusual way: through the senses of beluga whales. For thousands of years, these white whales have encountered coastal Si roaming the shores of the Arctic Ocean, listened to the Pomors singing on the White Sea and been observed by the inhabitants on its islands, from Vikings to modern tourists. Beluga whales have been immortalised in rock carvings along the cliffs of the White Sea, indicating early contact between humans and whales. The ancient poetry of White Karelia contains echoes of beluga chants. What do we really know about these creatures of the sea, or do we know anything about them at all? Do they have local cultures, passed on from one generation to the next, and what kind of language have they developed to communicate with?

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